About Us

We at Eco Built Systems Company Limited provide both modular and permanent green homes, green building materials and organic agricultural systems to the global green building and sustainable community market places. Our international sales and marketing department headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan with affiliated offices in Thailand, Los Angeles, Toronto, Iceland and Hong Kong. At the moment, our manufacturing operations are in China; housed in a 100,000 sq ft factory. We are expanding to many other countries with a vision of completing this strategic pursuit by the end of 2014.

Our Sustainable Product Lines

We at Eco Built Systems Company Limited focus on utilizing the most advanced natural building materials coupled with the most cutting-edge technologies available to produce our proprietary products. Our product lines include environmental friendly and green modular housing, eco building materials and organic food production systems.

Our Experience

We at Eco Built Systems Company Limited are committed to supplying the market with products that are 'truly green' together with the most progressive green technologies. We take pride in our team of experts and professionals who are devoted to fulfilling this mission. Our board of directors is a team dynamic, qualified and well-rounded individuals who are leaders in the sustainable movement.

Our Team

Casey J. Carlson - Managing Director
Casey Carlson is the founder of The "Green Society Association" which was established in 2005.  He is a green entrepreneur who has extensive experience in business management, social architecture, geodesic dome building and creative design.  His mission is to advance Eco Built Systems Company Limited alongside with the latest emerging technologies.  He coordinates the specialty teams to engineer and develop the manufacturing of these systems to supply to the green marketplace.

Jason Learned - Eco Building Director
Jason started working in building as a teenager helping his family restore old Victorian era houses. He then furthered his building knowledge while working in the building field to pay his way through University. He has lived in many parts of the world and has worked on building projects in many of them and is currently working with geopolymer technologies for Eco Built Systems Company Limited. His interest in ecological issues started at a young age and has directed him toward utilizing sustainable building materials.

Anthony Carlson - Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Carlson received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Option: Accountancy. His business profession as Leader was in the loan set up process, generating initial loan disclosures and organizing business administrative papers for Certified Public Accountants.

Jamie L. Lipsitz - Eco Living Advisor
Jamie Lipsitz is responsible for Eco Built Systems Company Limited coordination including internal services, networking, and accounting.  She has professional experience in public relations, social networking, business management, as well as the health and wellness industry. Jamie's mission is to educate and empower individuals about holistic health and to guide them in creating this as a lifestyle for themselves.

Gudni Gudnason - Humanitarian Advisor
Gudni currently lives in Japan and is the founder and manager of many successful businesses in different fields in many countries. He was awarded "Business Man of the Year" in the United States in 2003 and his distribution network is now in over 40 countries around the world.  Through his "Golden Pyramid of Peace" project, Gudni has been actively helping the victims of the Fukushima earthquake in providing food, water, shelter, and medical support.  This has inspired him to focus on philanthropic works and ending world hunger is his major priority.



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