Daring and Unconventional Homes

Human beings are drawn to nature when seeking some kind of sparkle that will ignite their creative juices. Nature offers sheer clarity that often makes us wonder why we never so things lucidly before. Robert Buckminister Fuller, arguably the father of geodesic domes, found himself looking at nature when his quest to improve the pitiful housing condition of humanity got the better of him. He got that divine clarity he was looking for from the principles of nature. Things like the structure of an egg inspired him to design the spherical (semi-spherical) structures like eggs made of light materials but which exhibits amazing strength as a unit.

Geodesic Dome Homes

Geodesic dome homes grew extremely popular especially in the sixties as it was a very novel idea at the time. Its adoption has waned over the years. However, nature has again made geodesic domes truly appealing to humankind. In the 21st century, more people are environmental conscious especially as the effects of global warming become more evident. Human beings have been forced to align the activities in the best interests of mother earth. One such activity is home building. Geodesic domes are by far more sustainable and environmental friendly compared to contemporary homes. Many people are now rushing to make geodesic dome homes. Other daring unconventional homes include:-

The Cloud House

The Cloud House is a bold residential home that resembles a light, floating cloud. The Cloud House has an amazing sparkle at night that makes it appear very light. This house is found in Australia.

The Redwoods Treehouse

The Redwoods Treehouse is made up of pine and poplar slats that are warped around a redwood tree to form a shell. Inside the shell lies a restaurant complete with chairs, tables, waiters and of course the tantalizing meals. It is found in New Zealand.

Mushroom House

The Mushroom House is another building that draws inspiration from nature. It resembles- you guessed it- mushrooms. It is made up of a series of five pods that are connected. Each pod guarantees some sense of tranquility and privacy. The large windows at each pod serve to invite nature in at the discretion of the occupants. The Mushroom House is found in New York.

Shell House

The Shell House is a remarkable masterpiece found in Tokyo. It looks like a shell. Its interior however, depicts a more futuristic home complete with rounded walls and fancy furniture.

LilyPad House

The LilyPad House has nothing to do with the house itself but more to do with the freestanding circular structures (lilypads) outside it. These structures provide a heavenly shade to the house and offer a unique landscape. The house is located near a park that seems to be in complete harmony with the lilypads. The LilyPad House is found in Australia.

Final Word

There are certainly many more unconventional homes out there. Indeed it is safe to say that others are springing up regularly. We need to draw inspiration from nature and adopt unconventional homes such as geodesic dome homes instead of getting fixated on the so called contemporary homes that are not based on aesthetic appeal or on engineering but on tradition.


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