Dome Sweet Dome

We all long for that place we could call home. That is at least going by the mortgage debts people keep on accruing in their lifetimes. Robert Buckminister Fuller envisioned a world with affordable living for all. It took him two decades to finally get the pieces together. He laid down the mathematics and geometry behind geodesic domes for the whole world to see. He went on further to show people how to build geodesic dome homes. There are certain factors that people consider before settling for a home. Let us take a peek into those factors and see why dome homes have an edge over contemporary homes.


The nature of the materials used in putting up a geodesic dome home, the ease of assembly and disassembly, the significantly less labor hours and the smaller cumulative long term costs mean that geodesic dome homes are way cheaper than conventional homes. Magnesium oxide, a cheaper alternative to concrete provides the same benefits of concrete in a geodesic dome home at a lower cost. Moreover, their strength is undeniable considering that they are part of the components that were used in historic jewels such as the Taj Mahal. Labor hours, maintenance costs and other costs associated with building a home are also significantly slashed when putting up a geodesic dome home.


We all want our own space. Most people start out by living in city apartments before getting enough of the pains associated with that type of lifestyle. Enclosing your own space by way of building a conventional home is only viable when your financial muscle is taut. Mortgage costs are way above the sky. The other alternative is to make your own conventional home. This choice exposes you to the problems of construction such as unpredictable weather, damage to construction material, theft and unexpected outcomes such as body injury. Fortunately, there is one more alternative, building your own geodesic dome. A geodesic dome is a structure that encloses the maximum amount of space with the least materials. 'Doing more with less', as Robert Buckminister Fuller put it. You are therefore assured of having all the space you would wish for in a geodesic dome home.

Energy Efficiency

Energy use often translates into more bills. Moreover, the earth's resources are strained by extravagant use of energy. This certainly does not appeal to many a people. This is what contemporary homes offer. The appeal for contemporary homes is not driven by its engineering merits but by simple tradition. People simply put up the conventional concrete homes because it was shown to them by generations before them. Then enter geodesic dome homes. A geodesic dome promises to double your energy efficiency thanks to a number of factors such as its air tight envelope, its moderate thermal mass and the insulating properties it has thanks to its design.

Aesthetic Appeal

There are a number of contemporary homes that simply take your breath away. Truth be told however, a vast majority of contemporary homes are downright bland. The owners are certainly not to be blamed considering how expensive it is to set up a decent home. Geodesic dome homes on the other hand have the undeniable aesthetic appeal despite their relatively low costs. That is why they remain very popular among people whose trade requires creativity.

Home Sweet Home

These are some of the factors that most people take into account before settling for their dream home. By all these accounts, a geodesic dome home trumps contemporary homes. Dome, sweet dome.


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