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Robert Buckminister Fuller, arguably the godfather behind geodesic domes, would certainly want to get wind of news about what he introduced to the world three decades afterwards. He must be musing about some of them if indeed he is aware of what is going on. One thing for sure, his philosophy of doing more with less certainly took root in the minds of his admirers. In this article, we shall take a peek into the happenings centered on geodesic domes.

Geodesic Domes Appearing in 'Lost'

'Lost' is indeed one if not the best show that has ever graced television screens. The director of the ABC show certainly had an appetite for cryptic phenomena. It was therefore no surprise to be treated to class one geodesic dome that was the Swan Station Dome. If you watched the 9th episode of Season 5 of the series then you know why I consider the show one of the best.

Paul Isaacson's Underground Home

High energy efficiency is one of the benefits of geodesic dome homes when compared to conventional homes. Indeed, a typical geodesic dome home saves 50% of the energy consumed in a typical conventional home. Paul Isaacson wanted to take this percentage to 70% and he did just that. He did this using his underground geodesic dome home in Utah. This is a man who actually lives underground with his wife and seven kids and absolutely loves it!

The Opening Of The Loveland Farm

Robert Buckminister Fuller was all for sustainability. He never went on record for advocating for a blend of sustainability and luxury. Jeff Griffin and his wife Karina Griffin made their dream of coming up with a creative place that was not only luxurious but also sustainable by setting up the Loveland Farm in Southwest England. Here, campers get to see and experience self sufficiency and self sustainability first hand. Bucky would really be proud of the Loveland Farm!

The Giant Geodesic Robot

Touted as the most amazing tribute to Bucky, the giant geodesic robot set to be shown around Burning Man has really got several  tongues wagging and for good reason.  It is literally driven by dishwasher engines that make it leisurely stroll at 0.2 miles per hour. It is majestic and powerful as well; and will surely capture your full attention. How I envy the people at Burning Man who got to see it live with its antics.

Bruce Hauman's Frameless Geodesic Dome

Bruce Hauman took to his website to share with the world just how fantastic his frameless geodesic dome is. If you have taken a look at his website then you know just why he had to let the world know about it. It is an impressive 18 feet wide and 13 feet tall structure. What caught my attention was how relatively easy it was to make it using relatively inexpensive material. Inspired by Bucky, he dares people to look beyond contemporary housing and get inspired by geodesic dome homes.


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