The Joy That Is A Geodesic Dome

Human beings have an insatiable appetite for new things. This is the case even when new does not entirely mean better. A good example is the mobile phones that we continue to spend several dollars on. Mobile phones have been turned from communicating devices to toys that we just can't get enough of. However, there are those times when new things also bring with them a host of benefits. Things like geodesic domes.

The Challenge To The Status Quo

Geodesic domes were popularized by Robert Buckminister Fuller (Bucky) who was driven by a strong desire to improve the housing structures of people. He came up with something entirely new, well, not so new considering a certain Walter Bauersfeld had built a similar structure two decades before him. Nonetheless, he was the one who came up with the mathematics and geometry behind geodesic domes and the one who was eccentric enough to marvel the world with these amazing structures.

Advantages of Geodesic Domes Over Conventional Construction

From a purely engineering perspective, geodesic domes have a number of advantages over conventional construction. They are more affordable, more energy efficient, more sustainable, stronger and more versatile than the so called contemporary buildings. When matters of engineering are set aside, geodesic domes also boast of a unique aesthetic appeal.

The Sparkle

The feeling you get from looking at a geodesic dome is that of sheer happiness. When you actually step into one, the feeling becomes that of unbridled ecstasy. Geodesic domes appear to invite you to a world of simplicity and largesse at the same time. They enclose the maximum amount of air using minimum amount of materials. From the outside, they strike a futuristic demeanor. You can check out a picture of Spaceship Earth at Epcot (Disneyland) to see what I mean. From the inside, you are exposed to sheer vastness that will surely trigger your creative juices to start flowing. Most people purchase huge tracts of land to experience that kind of freedom that a relatively smaller geodesic dome promises.

They Come In Different Shapes and Sizes

There are many different geodesic domes in the world. The differences are brought about by the intricacies of design and construction. You can also build a simple paper geodesic dome. Popular geodesic domes around the world include The Eden Project, The Biosphere and The Matrimandir. The appeal of novel things among human beings is certainly likely to result in jaw dropping geodesic domes. Something like the ode to Bucky in this year's Burning Man- The Giant Walking Geodesic Dome.

The Novelty Of Geodesic Domes Is Within Your Reach

You may be surprised, but a geodesic dome is well within your reach. In fact, compared to contemporary buildings, geodesic domes are way more affordable. You can opt to acquire one from companies that sell them as plans. They are normally delivered as a series of SIPs which are assembled at the site of your preference. The other alternative is suitable for those who love building things-building your own geodesic dome. The materials are cheap and readily available. Moreover, constructing a simple geodesic dome is rather straightforward. Trouble comes when you want to put up a spectacle that will take the breaths of people away!

That's where we come in......


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