The Versatility of Geodesic Domes

Domes have been in existence since the ancient times. The domes of yore were mostly used as religious edifices. Geodesic domes on the other hand graced the earth for the first time some nine decades ago. Given their tremendous strength and structural integrity, it is surprising that ancient people never built them. Geodesic domes were popularized by Robert Buckminister Fuller (Bucky), an American who set out to improve the housing conditions of mankind. Geodesic domes have a number of advantages over contemporary rectilinear buildings. One of these advantages is their versatility.


Versatility of a building refers to the quality of a building of having many uses. Geodesic domes are suited for a number of infrastructural developments under the sun. Although Bucky set out with a vision of improving the housing conditions of humanity, he did not limit people to using geodesic domes as homes. In fact, he played a major role in designing Spaceship Earth, the dark ride at Epcot in Disneyland. Leading by example, the father of geodesic domes certainly made it clear that geodesic domes can be used for a number of purposes. The following are some of the uses of the versatile geodesic domes:-

Residential Dwellings

Geodesic domes can be used as homes. There are a number of people who comfortably live in geodesic dome homes. Geodesic domes used as homes have numerous advantages over conventional dwellings such as affordability, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Green Houses

Geodesic domes can be used as green houses. Geodesic domes are ideal as green houses because of their energy efficiency, their resistance to parasites and their strength which protects the plants in the green houses from damage from environmental factors. The Eden Project in Cornwall, United Kingdom epitomizes the use of geodesic domes as green houses.

Emergency Shelters

Geodesic domes are ideal emergency shelters. This is because of the ease of putting up and bringing down a geodesic dome. They require minimal labor hours and effort and therefore can easily be set up during emergency situations. They are also resilient in the face of natural disasters such as tornados, earthquakes and typhoons due to their structural integrity and tremendous strength. They are therefore the best emergency shelters in disaster prone geographical regions and the coastal strips.

Indoor Sports

There are those times when indoor sports are the only thing you can think of. Unfortunately, most people live in cramped houses with little room to maneuver and have fun with friends and family. Geodesic domes are able to enclose the maximum amount of space with the minimum amount of materials. They are therefore very ideal as locations for indoor sporting events especially those that require body movement such as table tennis.

Event Venues

Instead of opting to spend huge amounts of money on contemporary buildings to host events, you can settle for large geodesic domes. They not only promise spaciousness but also have the aesthetic appeal that will definitely impress your guests. Geodesic domes can be used as venues for events such as weddings, corporate gigs, trade shows and exhibitions.


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