Why Geodesic Dome Homes Are Ideal For Artists

Geodesic domes were initially set up to rid the planet of its housing problems. It was sheer serendipity that these structures were magnificent in every respect. Their unique spherical designs gave them a futuristic demeanor. It was thought of as a cool structure-and it still is-considering the number of people who flock Burning Man with their geodesic domes. Artists, as opposed to specialists/ professionals are deemed to be the heroes of the brave new world. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are spending much of their time trying to find the artist within them.

The Appeal Of Art

Art frees the mind. One is able to gift the world with profound work that bears no resemblance with none on the planet. It is no wonder that true artists are obscenely compensated for their art. The entertainment industry is one of the high growth industries where artists get to be paid millions to act, sing, write and play. With all its appeal, true art is difficult to be borne. Indeed people without the gift would do without the everyday dejection. This is because they spend most of time and in some cases, their entire lifetime doing something they are not gifted in. In part, it is not their fault as they are yet to unleash their creative potential. People should nonetheless strive to know themselves. One way of doing just that is by spending sometime in a geodesic dome.

The Art That Is A Geodesic Dome

Geodesic domes can be considered true works of art on their own. Not all geodesic domes are the same. This is because of the different designs, construction methods and different materials that can be used in setting up a geodesic dome. Geodesic domes enclose vast amounts of space using little materials. The sheer amount of space that is within a geodesic dome rings of huge possibilities that help its occupants maintain an open mind. It is certainly a novel experience that would do well for artists who want that extra spark.

More For Less

The principle behind geodesic domes is 'more for less'. Relatively few materials are used in enclosing a huge amount of space. This principle rings well in the ears of artists who use their minds to develop creative pieces that marvel the vastness that is humanity. Robert Buckminister Fuller is the man who came up with the principle in his selfless goal to improve human living standards. The Harvard University drop-out certainly achieved that.

Light For Heavy

Compared to conventional buildings, the materials used in making geodesic domes are fewer and lighter. Geodesic domes are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. They therefore promote a burden-free aura that is important for artists. Artists can also set them up in remote locations free of everyday distractions, what Steven Pressfield calls 'resistance' in his book 'The War of Art'.

Harmony With The Environment

Geodesic domes promise unity with the environment. Earth's energy is efficiently used within geodesic domes. Sunlight is accepted and spread within the spacious enclosures with ease. Geodesic domes also help to preserve the environment owing to the minimal impact they have to the environment. This harmony augurs well with artists.


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