Benefits of Aquaponics Systems


An aquaponics system is a food production system that combines conventional agricultural practices of rearing aquatic animals in tanks and growing of plants in water devoid of soil. Unions are often seen in good light, 'two heads are better than one'. The union of aquaculture and hydroponics is no different. There are a plethora of benefits that result from this union. The following are some of the main benefits of an aquaponics system:-

Abundant Food Production

Aquaponics systems have the promise of abundant food production. Provided one sets up an efficient aquaponics system, bountiful harvests will result. The good thing is that companies such as Eco Built offer prefab aquaponics systems alongside a wealth of best practices for those who do not want to come up with the entire aquaponics system from scratch. With an aquaponics system, you are assured of an eclectic choice of foods from sumptuous fish to green cabbages. This abundance makes most owners of aquaponics systems sell their produce for a fortune.

Up To 75% More Energy Efficiency

Conventional farming practices have been taken by many to be the only ways of rearing animals and cultivating crops and vegetables. When these practices are scrutinized, they reveal gaping inefficiencies that contribute to the global food shortage. Aquaponics systems are built with energy efficiency in mind. As such, they offer up to 75% more energy efficiency compared to conventional farming practices. The aquaponics system is a self sustaining system that is always in motion thanks to the use of pumps in places where gravity cannot do the trick.

Conservation of up to 90% of Water

Aquaponics systems re-circulate and reuse water very effectively as opposed to most conventional farming practices which discharge or exchange water resulting in significant water losses. The water that is added in the aquaponics systems is only the minimal amount essential in replacing negligible water loss by evaporation from water surface, absorption and transpiration by plants, overflow caused by excess rainfall or displacement of water during the removal of objects in the tanks. With aquaponics systems, you are assured of conserving up to 90% of water that you would have normally used while using conventional farming methods.

Absolutely No Use of Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers have been a bane to most nutritionists and health experts who caution against their use because of the pernicious effects of chemicals to both human and other forms of life. Aquaponics systems use absolutely no chemical fertilizers while still allowing for the production of copious amounts of food.

Reduction of Labor Time

Aquaponics systems will reduce the labor time taken under conventional farming methods by half. This is because of its self-sustaining nature. No one will be required to constantly water plants, to refill fish tanks and to remove parasites. As such, labor time is reduced by 50%.

Complete Elimination of Parasitic Life

The nature of aquaponics systems makes it uninhabitable to parasites. Parasites that would torment farmers using traditional farming methods by attacking aquatic animals and plants are therefore non-existent in an aquaponics system.

All Year Round Farming Solutions Regardless Of Climate

Aquaponics systems do not rely on non controllable factors in the environment such as climate for prosperity. They are self sustaining with energy supply that ensures continuous flow of water and maintenance of ambient temperatures. They therefore offer all year round farming solutions to all farmers regardless of the climatic conditions that prevail in his or her region.


The self sustaining nature of aquaponics systems makes it very economical compared to traditional farming methods. They significantly reduce the time, money and labor spent through all stages of production.

No Soil Required

Aquaponics systems solve the many problems farmers face caused by lack of fertile soil. No soil is required in aquaponics systems. This does not preclude the production of abundant plants and vegetables that would make those produced from fertile soil pale in comparison.

Savior To Endangered Species

Aquaponics systems also come to aid of endangered plant and aquatic animal species. This is thanks to restorative farming.


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