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Why Geodesic Domes Are Popular In Rural and Semi Rural Areas

Geodesic domes are magnificent structures that first graced the earth in 1926. Robert Buckminister Fuller is the man who brought them into the limelight in the fifties owing to his quest of improving ... Read more..

Geodesic Domes news From All Over The World

Robert Buckminister Fuller, arguably the godfather behind geodesic domes, would certainly want to get wind of news about what he introduced to the world three decades afterwards. He must be musing abo ... Read more..

The Benefits of Geodesic Dome Homes

Geodesic domes were popularized by Robert Buckminister Fuller (simply Bucky) who hoped to save the world. Indeed geodesic domes save the world of limiting thoughts in terms of housing and basic living ... Read more..

Breathtaking Geodesic Domes Around The World

At very rare moments, the divine world gifts selected members of the mortal world with rare moments of inspiration. In these moments, transcendental works of art are produced that take our breath away ... Read more..

Eco Friendly Domes Homes

The Need For Eco Friendliness We go to great lengths to ensure that our environmental footprint is kept at a minimum. Governments are coming up with more stringent regulations to promote environmenta ... Read more..

The Geodesic Gospel According to Buckminster Fuller

Not everyone wakes up with a vision of improving housing for humanity. And by this improvement, I mean coming up with transformative architectural design that captured the imagination of many a people ... Read more..

The Geometry Behind Geodesic Domes

The first geodesic dome to grace the planet earth was built by Walter Bauersfeld soon after the First World War. It was not built for the fanciest of reasons- in fact, it was a mere storage for his pl ... Read more..

The Strength Of Geodesic Domes

Robert Buckminister Fuller or simply Bucky drew inspiration from nature to come up with an alternative to conventional housing that was incredibly much stronger. Driven by his desire to improve housin ... Read more..

There Is Nothing New Under the Sun: Geodesic Domes of Yore

The term 'geodesic' was coined by the legendary Robert Buckminister Fuller in 1946. You know what they say, just because there was no name for it does not that it never existed. Indeed the very first ... Read more..

Thinking Outside The Box With Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes were introduced to the world at a time when concrete houses were the norm. People limited themselves to associating houses with these painfully expensive structures that were time consu ... Read more..

Uses of Geodesic Domes

We have all heard and seen the splendor that is a geodesic dome. It is also safe to say that the geodesic domes that we are used to are of those magnificent buildings such as Science World and Spacesh ... Read more..

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